Monday, May 11, 2009

5.14- Pittsburgh, PA
5.15- Chicago, IL
5.16- Rockford, IL
5.21- Spokane, WA
5.22- Richland, WA
5.23- Tacoma, WA
5.24- Tacoma, WA
5.25- Olympia, WA
5.26- Portland, OR
5.27- Eugene, OR
5.28- Redding, CA
5.29- Reno, NV
5.30- Berkeley, CA
5.31- Watsonville, CA
6.2- Fresno, CA
6.3- Hollywood, CA
6.4- Riverside, CA
6.5- Las Vegas, NV
6.6- Phoenix, AZ
6.7- Flagstaff, AZ
6.8- Albuquerque, NM
6.9- Denver, CO
6.11- Austin, TX
6.12- Houston, TX
6.13- Houma, LA
6.14- Tallahassee, FL
6.15- Atlanta, GA
6.16- Knoxville, TN
6.17- Johnson City, TN
6.18- Wilmington, NC
6.19- Richmond, VA
6.20- Wilkes Barre, PA
6.21- Philadelphia, PA

This is our longest tour ever. Tom and I made a pact that we wouldn't shave till we got back to Philly. You can see in exhibit A that Tom's tour beard gets pretty gnarly. We'll see what happens. We leave for tour this Thursday and while we've been planning for this since February, all of us have waited till last minute to do everything. Tony is currently in New York City selling comedy tickets in Times Square to make rent for the month. He used to work at a cool little Indian restaurant but a new boss came around and completely screwed him over. Needless to say Tony told him off and is now in this position. Tom and Eric brought their amps to a repair shop last week and the guy said he'll "try" to get everything fixed before we leave. Great answer.. I found out last week that my car needs a shit ton of work done and Larry the transmission guy said he'll "try" and get it fixed before we leave. Another great answer... This happens before every tour and somehow everything always works out.
Now none of us have ever been to the west coast before so I'm assuming we're all gonna be snobby tourists and take pictures of buildings that have absolutely no significance. Oh America.. Heres what I'm beyond excited for (besides the obvious of playing the shows) on this tour in no particular order:
1. Yellowstone National Park- Erics parents let us borrow a 12 person tent so we'll be camping for a few days before we meet up with Broadway Calls. I got a new pocketknife and got my sights on a grizzly.
2. Chicago- Never been there before but heard great things. Plus my best friend is driving from Lake Ariel, PA to Wisconsin for a summer internship so I'll be riding shotgun in his truck for that part of the trip. Also we get to hang out with Toby from Red Scare who we only drunkenly met at Fest 7 last year and somehow ended up on his label. Figure that one out...
3. Driving through the desert- It better be like the movies.
4. Las Vegas- We're playing 2 shows here (all ages and a 21+) and I convinced everyone to take the money from one of the shows and blow it all on red. Plus the promoter from the 21+ show is giving us free booze and hotel rooms so we'll see where that night takes us.
5. 924 Gliman- I dont think I have to explain this one.
6. Talahassee, FL- Our buddy PRS is driving up with Spanish Gamble from Ganiesville for this show. PRS's nickname means Punk Rock Steve and if you've ever met him you'd understand why hes aquired that nickname.
7. Richmond, VA- We've played Richmond more times then I can remember but every time we roll through its great. Chris and (soon to be!) Lisa Moran are without a doubt 2 of the greatest people we've had the pleasure to meet while doing this crazy band thing and its really awesome at how close of friends we've all become over the years.
8. Hollywood, CA- Our buddy Scott from Philly moved out there last year to further his film career. Hes definitely the best person to show us a night on the town.
9. Portland, OR- a group of our friends from Scranton just bought a mini-bus and are driving across the country to move to Portland. Unforunately we'll be there a week too early but they're putting us in good hands. Plus our good friends Colin and Nicole live there so it'll be a great to see them again.
10. Eating chocolately foods all the time.

I've run out of ideas but I'm more than stoked on everything. We're gonna try to keep this blog going while we're on tour to the best of our ability. See you soon!


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  1. Have the time of your lives and keep it safe! Love, Mom May