Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Maggots, Michael. You're eating maggots. How do they taste?

So we're a bit behind. Is anyone even reading this anyway? Well we're having a blast. The Broadway Calls dudes are such nice guys. Their songs are incredible, and they're hilarious. Extremely nice bunch of cats. Laser too, and Erica and Eddie.

Sooo we played in Santa Cruz (apparently where they filmed Lost Boys) and had a day off so we hung out pretty hard. We went down to the boardwalk and got wild in the arcade. Silent scope rules. We met up with Tallia, Eddie and Erica. We also ended up with some peeps from Hear the Sirens and made plans to go to the beach later that night and burn shit under the influence of cheap alcohol. Some of us rode a boardwalk roller coaster complete with a pretty gnarly "U.S.A." chant. After that some very nice ladies let us borrow their volleyball and the tournament was on!!

After getting wiped out at the beach all day we crewed up and headed to the beach. We bought beer and supplies then headed behind a dollar store to rob some pallets. Some security guard showed up to wag a finger but Oscar took off with some pallets before he had the chance to do anything. We rolled up to the beach around 20 deep and proceeded to get drunk and burn pallets. It was great, hanging out at the pacific ocean.

We ended up crashing in Eliott's dorm's common rooms at the University of California Santa Cruz. That college is really cool. Their were a bunch of overtly anti-political elite murals outside of the dorm and the university was set in the woods. It was really a beautiful campus. Everyone was so nice. In fact, everybody is really really nice out here. They seem to be more laid back and willing to help each other than the riff raff of the east coast. That could also just be the groups of kids that broadway calls hang out with. Those dudes from Redding were incredible.

So the next day we played in Fresno at the Chinatown Youth Center. The show went over well and the venue was cool. We ended up at Eddie's house and he rules. So do his parents. We'll check in again...

Kisses xoxo

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