Thursday, June 25, 2009

So were home. Finally. I feel it would be wrong of us to end the blog without the last 10 days of the trip. Even though its been a week or two, I'm gonna try and remember everything that happened Post-Broadway Calls dates...
So After we said our goodbyes to Broadway Calls we took off for Texas. We drove through the panhandle of Oklahoma and stopped at the strangest gas station I've ever seen. See Eric and I love rednecks. Seriously they are our favorite people in the world. Whats better then getting drunk, supin up lawnmowers, and breaking things? Nothing. Everyone knew eachother at the gas station. I'm not just saying that. Literally everyone that walked in there knew everyone else there. My master plan was ruined of asking the townsmen if they wanna drink tonight with 5 guys from PA when the chief townsmen left the gas station with 1 thirty rack thrown in the back of the truck and the other in the front seat. Road sodas!
We left the gas station and drove for hours. We stopped in a small town outside of Amarillo, TX and got a crummy motel for the night. We watched Green Day on some late night show play a boring song about guns or about me being an American Idiot or something. Sleeep.
We woke up realizing we only drove 6 out of the 16 1/2 hours and were beyond bummed. 10 1/2 hours later we were in San Antonio sweating our asses off. It was our first night hooking up with O Pioneers!!! and were stoked on meeting them all. Last time we met them we got wasted with the brothers at Titan sometime during the winter... The show was fun. The Anchor and O Pioneers!!! were awesome and after the show we decided to stay in town at a super swanky Best Western. I got a bed and watched Rancid bum me out. Oh well.
The next day we went to Houston to play a loft show Eric from O Pioneers!!! set up. The show was great and the loft space was beyond awesome. We stayed at the I Heart You headquarters that night and ate pie and talked about screen printing. Good times.

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