Thursday, June 4, 2009

This tour is going too fast. Today is June 4th and if my math is correct we have 17 days left. The idea of going home is freaking the hell out of me. Sure living with 4 other dudes in a van for 40 days can get rough. There are times that I would love nothing more then to snap everyone's neck. There are also times that everyone would love nothing more then to snap my neck. In the end I could never imagine sharing this experience with anyone else. That's about as sappy as I'm going to get with these idiots...
So whats been going on? Olympia was awesome. Tom busted his leg up pretty hard while playing Frisbee. I jumped on a trampoline with some fucks then we played a sweet garage show. We stayed with Ty that night and his mom cooked us some amazing food in the morning. I stunk up his bed along with Tony and Eric so Ty if you're reading this I'm sorry....
Portland ruled. I think out of everywhere on the west coast I'd consider moving there first. Well along with the bay area. Regardless the show was one of the best of the tour and the arcade/bar across the street was totally worth my 5 bucks. We stayed with our good friends from back home Colin and Nicole, which always is a good time. We stayed up all night talking politics, religion, and whatever we could think to compare between the east and west coasts. I love drunken conversations with Colin because unlike me and the majority of my friends, he has a really positive outlook on everything. Its a nice change from the standard defeatist attitude that tends to overwhelm drunken conversations.

Redding was wild! The Seperation dudes took us swimming at these cliffs called Whiskeytown Lake. We had a crew of about 20 in their van and I couldn't help but feel like it was the 1970's, sessioning classic rock while crammed on the floor of a van driving through Northern California. Or maybe that's the typical vision an east coast kid would have of Northern California in the 70's. Regardless I wussed out on the bridge but managed to get myself to jump off the big cliff. Of course I made Tom go first... The show sold out and it killed. The kids were insane and I dont think I've ever seen as much crowd surfing as I did during BC's set. They kill it every night and its so sick to see one of your favorite bands play every night. We've all come really close with those dudes and their crew (Erica is actually sitting right next to me at Eddies house fixin' up my horrible grammar). If we didn't mention it earlier... Erica and Eddie are from LA and they've been with Broadway Calls since the North West. Ericas been taking pictures and Eddie works for Adeline Records. Totally stoked on meeting both of them and having them on the tour.

I had no idea what to expect out of Reno. We rolled into town and it was super depressing. We went to a laundromat and the vibes were down. We rolled over to the place that we were staying and vibes were immediately back to stoked worthy. They fed us and gave us tons of beer. The show was great and good times were had. We went gambling and I won $45! Josh was up too but everyone else lost from what I remember. Now in Reno the bars are open 24hrs so of course we had to take advantage of that. We left the bar at 6:30am and watched the sun come up over Reno on a trampoline. I felt like hell the next day but it was worth every second. Cant wait to see all of them at Fest 8!
Berkeley was amazing. We played at Gilman and that was a childhood dream come true. Tom and I cracked the biggest smiles our stupid faces could conjure up while playing.
LA is sweet. We played another awesome show at The Knitting Factory and sold a ton of merch. We went out to eat at a great restaurant after the show where Tony and I managed to get a Ramones singalong going. LA was a blast. Definitely a personal highlight so far. Thats all I got. I'll leave ya with this.



  1. hi greg,

    see you in sixteen days, fag.


  2. keep the updates coming, sounds effing awesome.